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Stellations of Pyritohedron (deformed dodecahedron)

These stellations are produced from distorted dodecahedron. This deformation can be best seen on original nonstellated deformed dodecahedron. In window with VRML browser, which should appears if you click at reference above you will see a dodecahedron which you can rotate using mouse pointer. If you will click on polyhedron it will start periodical animation of deformation. Clicking again will stop this animation. Usefull tip: don't touch polyhedron with mouse pointer if you want to rotate it - press mouse button down when pointer is over the black space.

You can look at several selected stellations, or see list of all 270 of them in alphabetical order, or in color order - in order of increased number of faces of different types. The central part of current window shows stellation diagram for selected polyhedra at some fixed distortion. The whole polyhedron is constructed from 12 rotated copies of such face.

This work is based on Mathematica code kindly provided by Vincent Matsko.

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